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Danika is trained in curl by curl hair cutting technique by Lorraine Massey, the author of The Curly Girl Handbook and basis of the curly girl method technique of caring for curls.

Danika offers curly styling lessons for beginners to the method to simplify and personalize the curly girl method to your hair needs and curl type. She recommends and uses only organic curly girl products as she believes the natural products feed the scalp and hair to improve curl appearance and health.

Booking a curly hair cut comes with a  lesson on how to properly cleanse, hydrate and style your hair. Your results will vary based  on condition of hair. Key to great curls in consistancy and condition. Be understanding your goals may not be able to be achieved in one visit.

Curl by curl cuts are performed on dry hair to reflect natural spring of curls and where they naturally 'live' in your style. 


  • Prior to your appointment ensure hair is cleansed, tangle-free, conditioned and left to style naturally. You may use styling products but avoid anything sticky or hard setting after scrunching. 

  • Avoid tying hair up as this will alter the curl pattern.


  • Best results use silicone free, sulphate free and wax free products for one month prior to your appointment. removing these ingredients will result is better hydration and definition for your hair.

  • Please avoid using 'Shea Moisture' brand products prior to your visit as they trigger skin irritation for Danika 


Danika recommends natural and Australian made products Everescents organic hair care and Clevercurl

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