Fine to medium density products have been chosen for volume and lighter hydration properties.
Packs are great starters for curlies and wavies starting out on the curly girl method journey as they include commonly used combinations without the unneccassary products you see in some packs.
If your after more volume, wonderfoam is a great moisture and volumising foam.
If you have enough volume, sealing curls with a clever gel is a very effective combination after conditioning.
if your curls are extra thirsty but fine or medium density, use rich conditioner a/or universal styling cream with one of above to seal in moisture.
Great combinations designed for your curl needs.
All packs come with advice on how to apply.
Unlike some online information that will tell you, you need 6 products and 12 steps, I'm the opposite. less is more, most clevercurl range I recommend most hairtypes use only one pump of conditioners and gels making them very affordable high quality products.
Its how you apply them, not how much you use to get incredible curls.
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