Why is my hair frizzy?

"why is my hair so frizzy?". Usually said with frustration after blowdrying, applying products. So we reach for our serum that says frizz free, smoothing, flyaways begone. Maybe for a second we think we have won. Only to walk into the bathroom at morning tea and see a halo of frizz that definitely isn't angelic.

So what did we do wrong?

Can you tell I have naturally curly, over lightened hair that used to do this on a very regular occurrence. I can even say years of being educated by product reps with only one interest but to sell their product, left me with a stockpile of products I no longer use.

So what do I do differently?

Frizz is hair looking for moisture, and anyone with a texture to their hair, colouring or over use of heat stylers will know of the fizz problem.

Hair can be completely dry and we go outside and it starts looking for moisture in the atmosphere. So whacking some serum (this makes me shudder, as most are just silicone) at the end isn't solving a problem.

So we need to rewind, Back to washing, where all the moisture is. Trick here is to wash with a gentle surfactant suited to your hair texture and diameter so that its removing dirt but not stripping hair completely. If your hair feels like dry straw before conditioner goes on, this is start of your problem. SLS and other harsh surfactants dry out the hair too much and have it looking for moisture.

Also if you hair is coated in silicone the moisturizing steps after shampooing and conditioner wont help and it can't penetrate, more on identifying silicones here.

Ok so say we have a good shampoo, and conditioner that's right for our hair. Now here are you steps to frizz free. Need help working out whats right for you? message Danika

  • Shampoo as required,

  • Condition but do a deep condition once a week, if your hair allows it leave a small amount of conditioner in.

  • Add a leave in or styling product to very wet hair to help lock in as much moisture as possible.

  • Don't towel dry and rub. Instead steal you husbands old T shirt. As the loopy pile of a towel is rough and sucks moisture out of the hair too quickly.

  • If you can leave to dry naturally but if you need to blowdry use a cream based heat protector to maintain and infuse moisture and assist in styling.

  • Turn that dryer/iron down, it over drys out the hair which again causes frizz with then the circle goes around to use iron to smooth out the frizz.

  • Sleep on a silk pillowcase, you know cotton absorbs moisture so while you sleep it draws moisture from your hair and skin, plus silk is a smooth surface so hair glides.

Look forward to better hair days.


Danika Durack Hair and Make-up Artist

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