Natural curly bridal hair

Updated: Jan 26

Do you have naturally curly hair?

Want to feel like you on your big day?

Majority of hairups for weddings are hot set curls. Using curling tongs to create a soft effortless hairup. It's required for lasting hold and helps give body and shape to the upstyle.

But what if you already have curly hair?

Do you like your curls?

Are you familiar with the Curly Girl method?

No need to ruin all your hard work getting your curls in prime condition to have them blow-dried and recurled for your wedding day.

Natural curly brides are not as susceptible to the weather, they don't need to worry as much about the really hot sweaty day or the chance of rain. Your natural hair will handle the weather better then straight or heated curls. So why not wear them curly?

I can hear you saying... But it's unpredictable. I have one awesome curl day out of 10. How will I get then looking great on the most photographed day of my life?

The answer...

Find a curl specialist, even better find a curl specialist that does bridal upstyles.( Great Southern curlies you are sorted)

But if your not lucky enough to live in the Great Southern here are some options.

  • Option 1 Research a bridal stylist that is happy to work with natural curls.

Ask questions,

View their work

Show images of looks you like.

  • Option 2 Research the Curly Girl method, Find a curl specialist to help you on your way.

Maybe book to see them the day before the wedding for a curly dry, and ask them if they do upstyles.

  • Option 3 Be in charge of setting your own hair, just make sure it's dry when your bridal stylists is ready. Communicate prior your intentions to use your natural curls.

It could be two different hair specialist you need to create the perfect natural look but if you want to feel the most like you. I think you will find it's worth it.


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