Duo eyes brow dust and eyeliner pack

This mineral-rich Brow Defining Dust gives definition to your brows, balancing and framing your face.This eye duo is great for sensitive eyes. Eyeliner and brow dust combo.The powder can be applied with a heavier hand for a strong, bold brow look, or lightly for a feathery, natural-looking brow.+Outline and define your eyes with this easy to use Eye Liner Chubbi Pencil.Infused with nourishing Jojoba and conditioning Candelilla, the soft and creamy formula allows colour to glide on effortlessly onto the eyelid without dragging the skin upon application.Grapefruit’s antioxidant properties nourish and protect the skin throughout wear, while its anti-inflammatory benefits prevent irritation for glasses and contact lens wearers alike.
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    Danika Durack Hair

    Passionate about embracing natural hair and texture, hair should be a crown not to a daily challenge.

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