Eco style project hairspray

Eco style project hairspray

Silicone free  hair sprayNever before seen... Certified Organic BioMass Hairspray!This is a new innovation in hairspray technology! This lightweight, humidity-resistant formula provides a firm hold for any hair type. Ideal for creating and maintaining hairstyles that look and feel stylish & natural.STYLIST ALERT: Can be re-worked & perfect for up-styling!HOLD FACTOR: 7/10FINISH: NaturalOUR INITIATIVES: This firm hold Eco Hairspray is made with Certified Organic Biomass. Biomass is an eco-friendly and renewable resource where sugar cane converts radiant energy from the sun into chemical energy in the form of glucose or sugar before being burnt for energy. Harnessing the power of the natural Biomass rather than other harsh ingredients ensures the safest possible product whilst still maintaining high performance. Zero carbon footprint and no impact to the earth. This aluminium can was made in Australia & is 100% recyclable.

    Danika Durack Hair

    Passionate about embracing natural hair and texture, Let your light shine.


    Albany WA 6330, Australia



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