• Unwind pack

    Unwind pack
    This beautiful pack has everything you need for a nice relaxing facial at home and relaxing bath soak.
    Give the best gift, an excuse for mum to take some time for herself.
    This pack includes
    -Green tea cleanser sashet
    -50ml Rose-Chamomile face mist- truely amazing mist to rejuvenate skin and mind.
    -HA Serum sashet
    -Hemp face cream sashet
    - Magnesium and pink Himalayan bath salts- to relax muscles and unwind.
    Personalise this kit or build your own.
    All packs gift wrapped with a personalised card and delivered to Albany area.
    Gift giving has never been easier.

      Danika Durack Hair

      Passionate about embracing natural hair and texture, hair should be a crown not to a daily challenge.

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