I want waves

This curl pack is all about keeping it light airy and getting more lift and volume in wavy hair but still great definition.Great for wavys and fine hair curlies not wanting to weigh down their curlsSuits wavy to curly curl typesHelps encourage balenced lifted waves and curls that can be weighed down easily. Everescents rose shampoo Clevercurl light conditioner. Everescents universal styling creamClevercurl wonderfoamFor curlies and thicker waves following curly girl method pm to swap shampoo with clevercurl cleanser +$10 to pack priceAll packs come with information on how to get great results based on your curl needs
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    Danika Durack Hair

    Passionate about embracing natural hair and texture, hair should be a crown not to a daily challenge.

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    Albany WA 6330, Australia